The winner of our contest has been chosen! Travis Chaney gave us an epic image of what his jeans would be like if they could talk, but he spins it a little. Have a look at what he came up with, below. Very well written, congrats Travis! 

My jeans wouldn’t talk. They would smell of decayed earth from the forgotten mine shaft that snakes under a wind whispering desert like a faded scar. They would feel like the salty coolness of the crystalline ocean surf that hugged them and the pockets would contain bits of sand, miracles a million years old. The rivets are burnished with dents and scars earned by the daily battles of routine normalcy and the rip in the front thigh happened in the shameful dark never letting me forget. The indigo is faded with wisps of cloud only ever broken by the mosaic of stain and dirt. My jeans wouldn’t talk. But they would say so much. - Travis Chaney