Pete went to see Van Halen last week at MSG.  Here’s his take on the concert:

"Last weeks Van Halen shows here at "the world’s most famous arena" may not have been quite as strong as the other two sets I caught on their last tour in ‘07-‘08.
But they were still great shows nonetheless.
One of the main reasons being that the energy and movement just isnt there anymore.
The sets four years back also contained better song selections overall…and none of the new stuff.
Though I gotta admit the new single “Tattoo” was pretty damn catchy and fun live even if it was like vegas schmaltz.
No matter…there’s always still a nice handful of the classics that sound pretty damn good.
These guys are still playing great,including Wolfie.
Diamond Dave is becoming more vaudevillian all the time as the age really sets in,still incredible in his entertaining way.gene kelley with karate moves.
Almost hard to believe these guys are still only mid fifties.
Of all the better tunes last nite…Runnin’ With the Devil,Somebody Get me a Doctor and Unchained still RULED!
Especially Runnin’ With the Devil…!! 
Great bare bones setup this time with enormo LED screen.
Dave took a break to show amusing clips of his dogs herding sheep and cattle on his ranch somewhere.
Bottom line…there’s no other older band like them any longer still doing this kinda classic late 70’s-early 80’s hard rock in a live setting and still doing it this well…partially mailed in or not.
Hence the main reason I still go see these guys.
Not quite as great on the whole as ‘07-‘08 but still way good enough if you ever liked this stuff.”
Here’s a link to part of the performance too:!