Can’t wait to see these in a few months.


Denim Shop posted about the lack of girls with raw denim.

Well I don’t have a digital camera, being a maverick of film and slides, so I took these on my phone. 

Women’s A.P.C petit standards, bought September last year but only worn regularly since late January.

I think the problem with women and raw denim is that most of us just can’t wear the same jeans every day. We have different outfits. We have skirts. We have dresses. So I think it’s majorly hard to convince yourself to wear them every day for a few weeks to properly wear them in and make them comfortable. I never wore mine at first because I just couldn’t get them broken in when only wearing them once every two weeks, and they were just SO tight.

But once you bite the bullet and wear them in, they are the most comfortable jeans in the world.

Mine have a twisted seam in the right leg (cheers Made In Macau) but I love the creases in the knee and at the top of the thigh.

Give me a few months and I will have them properly worn and properly photographed.

Eric GoldsteinComment