My jacket and Me

There’s just something about this jacket, man. It isn’t the trendiness of it. It isn’t everyone’s ‘staple piece’ and there’s nothing about it that screams out, “look at me!” or “I’m rich!” It’s just… my jacket. It has grown to fit me like a glove… a cool, casual, any day glove. This thing has been my go to, without question. It acts as my protection, just my thing. I think my wife actually gets jealous of my love for this jacket. Are things getting too intense for you? Nah, if you had one you’d understand my dedication to this jacket.

 I bought this thing in December of 2005, so it has just hit the seven-year mark. I originally bought it on an unexpected trip to New York City when a few buddies and I decided to have a weekend we called a college reunion. Looking back, that weekend was more of a continuation of our passion for living well and destroying everything in our paths than a reunion…with only the best intentions in mind, of course.

So this jacket has been with me ever since that trip; ever since the day I walked into Jean Shop, hung out for over an hour listening to the best of classic rock, took three shots of tequila on the house and ended up buying this sweet, suede jacket. I was living in Colorado the year I bought it, so it trucked through and survived many snowstorms. It’s been absolutely drenched in snow and sleet, and I swear it looked better every time it dried off. Since then, I’ve been living in North Carolina and the weather has been beautiful. It was just cool enough at night to relax in my jacket. I could go on all day about how much I love this jacket and tell crazy stories it has survived. 

But for now.. I will leave you with this: This jacket has been like a true buddy to me over the years, and it still holds strong today. The older it gets, the more compliments I receive on the thing. The natural honeycombs on the arms literally look like a work of art. The harsh weather it’s put up with has in a way molded it to my body. This Jean Shop jacket has lasted for years, and I have no doubt in my mind that it will last many more to come. I try to visit the Jean Shop every chance I get to go back to the city. It’s cool to know they still remember my jacket and me… just my jacket and me.