Lunch atop a skyscraper is a classic American image, taken back in 1932 shot in Rockefeller Center - New York City. The photograph captures eleven construction workers taking a break while eating lunch on a girder (fancier name for a support beam) 840 feet above the streets of New York City. There’s some who will say this photograph was taken by “anonymous”, but credit has been given to Charles C. Ebbets, American Photographer.

Here at Jean Shop, we have our own unique version of Lunch atop a skyscraper in sculpture form, hanging from the ceiling. Since jeans are our thing, we thought it’d be clever to paint everyone’s pants the color blue. We do not allow any pictures to be taken of Jean Shop, but the compliments and questions we receive about this piece alone are endless, and we are so proud to have it in the shop.

That’s not even the coolest part about this story. I was doing a bit of re-merchandising to the store the other day and digging through one of our vintage cabinets, I found an old boot. Turns out, this boot MIGHT be the property of one of the construction workers in that photograph from way back when. Some say that the construction workers not having safety harnesses on was a sign that this photo was taken around the time of the Great Depression. Is this boot really from that time period?

Apparently the boot was given to us when we were first opening Jean Shop and the guy who gave it to us casually mentioned that’s where it came from. Was he telling the truth? Whether it really is this incredibly meaningful vintage piece with a story behind it or not, it’s a cool thing to think about, don’t you think?