Customize This

So you’re not into the standard indigo blue jean look, huh? Fair enough. Take a sneak peek at how Jean Shop has got you covered.

We offer custom finishing for those who like to go that extra mile, or for those who don’t prefer the crisp, raw denim. Too stiff, you say? No problem. Let us rinse them for you to soften them up. You prefer them not so dark? Got it. We can bleach them down anywhere from a darker blue to a very light blue.

Another sweet thing about our custom finishing touches – it doesn’t stop with our denim. We can treat any of our belts (leather or web), any bag we have in-house (leather or Filson Bags) and all other leather goods. Take our leather shirts and jackets, for example - many of which are manufactured right here in New York City! (Kudos to our owners: Eric, Gene & Barry who like to keep it real, keep it USA made).

“Customizing” anything Jean Shop consists of a wide variety of treatments such as bleaching, dying, distressing, dremeling, cutting down certain products or simply softening well.. anything.

Please keep in mind that each piece is treated one by one, in-house so no two items will look identical. But hey, isn’t that the beauty of it all?
*We only work on our own brand, Jean Shop

Eric GoldsteinComment