Ciao for now, Fashion's Night Out.

The original purpose Of Anna Wintour’s genius idea, Fashion’s Night Out, was to drive sales and gain exposure when the economy was in serious need of a pick me up. The question people started asking themselves, however, is – Are we actually making any money from this?  Sure, everyone loves to have a good time and fashion should in fact, be celebrated. But sponsors of designers and storeowners have decided to call Fashion’s Night Out quits in NYC- at least for now. CBS New York wanted to know our thoughts on this. We told them that we agree with the decision being made. You can check out the video of us being interviewed here.

Every September since 2009, we’ve actively participated in Fashion’s Night Out. Don’t get us wrong; we’ve partied hard, had a blast and sold an okay amount of stuff each year, but our ROI simply hasn’t been enough to keep us big fans of participating in this event. Underage kids want free booze, people get too drunk to even shop and this past wear we had a few dozen of our handmade leather bracelets stolen. What started out as a great, helpful idea for the Fashion Industry became a shit show, to put it bluntly.

Although the party is over, we will continue to celebrate fashion seven days a week here at Jean Shop. Come see us and take a shot of tequila– let’s cheers to Fashion and more importantly to us, denim.