A word on our custom policy.

Many seem to be under the impression that we make custom, built to order jeans. We don’t. The aspect of the jeans that we do customize is the wash. And that comes with a few rules and stipulations that call for further clarification.

We are first and foremost a raw denim company. We prefer our customers take the jeans raw and break them in naturally. Why then would we offer custom washing? For those who already own a few pairs of raw jeans that they’re breaking in, as well as those who like our fits but aren’t interested in raw denim.  With that said, the custom washing we offer tends to stay close to how a naturally broken-in pair would look. We have a few exceptions(brightly colored jeans, a few tie-dye and bleach stain processes), but we tend to stay away from treatments that stray too far from a natural look. Which is why we won’t do anything that a customer requests. Also, people sometimes need a little protection from their own taste, if you know what I mean.

Eric GoldsteinComment